Who must be a Dance World Cup (DWC) member?

Any dancer who takes part in a DWC Qualifier, Final or DWC organised event must be a member of Dance World Cup. Teachers, parents and assistants cannot become DWC members.


Who must apply for DWC membership?

Dance schools must apply for all their students’ memberships. Parents/guardians cannot apply for DWC memberships. Dance schools must pay for all memberships for their school. Dance schools will accept the terms and conditions of membership on behalf of their students and it is the dance school’s responsibility to obtain the consent of the members/parents and guardians of the members.


How do we apply for Dance World Cup membership?

To apply for Dance World Cup membership, please follow the instructions:

Renew membership (if your dancers were members in 2016) - click here
New members - click here
Please do not apply for Dance World Cup membership until you have received confirmation from your local qualifier organiser that your entry for your qualifier has been accepted.  


How much does Dance World Cup membership cost?

Dance World Cup Membership costs €8 per dancer.  If membership is not paid before the dates listed below, late membership will cost €15 per dancer.



Late membership fee applied from


24 March 2017





Czech Republic

22 December 2016


10 March 2017


22 December 2016


20 January 2017


19 April 2017




10 February 2017




31 March 2017


20 January 2017

South Africa

19 April 2017


2 February 2017




19 April 2017

All other countries

19 April 2017


When do we have to renew our memberships by?

All memberships must be renewed annually. Your memberships must be applied for and paid a minimum of 2 weeks before your country’s qualifier to ensure you receive your membership cards in time. Failure to do so may result in your dancers not being allowed to dance. 


What are the benefits of being a Dance World Cup member?

  • Only paid DWC members can compete at DWC competitions.
  • DWC members receive a DWC membership card.
  • DWC members will have free access to watch DWC qualifier competitions.
  • DWC members receive a 10% discount on all official DWC merchandise at the finals.
  • Many other benefits and discounts which will be announced closer to the Finals.


Where do I get my membership card?

If you are attending a live qualifier competition, your membership cards will be available for you to collect at the qualifier competition.  Otherwise, your membership cards will be available to collect at the DWC Finals.


When do we need our membership cards?

You must bring your membership card to any DWC qualifier you attend and to the DWC Finals. Failure to do so may result in you not being able to dance. Your DWC membership card is your identity card for the DWC Finals and allows you access to the changing rooms and backstage area. You must carry your DWC membership card with you at all times at the DWC Finals.


What happens if I loose my Dance World Cup membership card?

If you loose your DWC membership card you will have to pay for a replacement at €5.  Please email [email protected]


What happens if there is a mistake on my membership card?

If the mistake is due to an error by DWC we will issue you with a new card free of charge. If the mistake is due to incorrect information provided by the dance school then a replacement card will be issued for a fee of €5. To download our Terms and Conditions of membership, please click here.