DWC Finals 2018 Tickets


DWC would like to advise all parents and teachers that there will be ticket desks at both the Melia Theatre and the Prado theatre which will be open each day 1 hour before the first performance.

PLEASE NOTE that the ticket desk at the Melia will take cash and credit cards (American Express not accepted).
The ticket desk at the Prado WILL ONLY be able to take cash.

Tickets for each specific theatre can only be bought at that theatre's ticket desk.



Where to buy tickets and the 2018 souvenir programme:

Melia Auditorium Daily Sessions - Ticket desk in the main foyer near the Auditorium.

Prado Theatre Daily Sessions - Ticket desk in the foyer of the Prado Theatre.

Ticket prices to watch the 2018 finals in Sitges:

Adult price : 8 euros per session.

Child price : 5 euros per session.

There will be up to 5 sessions of dance a day.

Day ticket : Adult 30 euros.

Day ticket: Child 20 euros.

Please note that dancers that have a membership card and lanyard can enter the theatre free of charge whilst the competition is on. (subject to space and not including the gala performances). There will be a specific area where the dancers can sit.


Gala tickets for Wednesday and Saturday evening:

Tickets will be on sale at the Melia ticket desk from Saturday 23 June 2018.

Wednesday 27 June @ 19:30 - Mini & Children Gala
Saturday 30 June @ 21:00 - Junior & Senior Gala

25 euros per person - Adult.

20 euros per person – Teachers.

15 euros per child - Children, including Dancers that are not performing in the gala.

Please note that the children that are performing in the galas do not need to buy a ticket.