Dance World Cup has over 12,000 children around the world aged from 4 to 25 trying to qualify for our final which is held annually in a different location, previous locations for Dance World Cup include Jersey, Sardinia, France, Paris and Austria, Villach.

The standard is high and we encourage group dances so that as many children as possible can participate.

Join our ever growing family and experience the phenonomom of Dance World Cup which the private dance schools are describing as “the best quality children and youths dance competition in the World”. With well known judges and competitions held in the genres of Classical Ballet, Modern, Tap, Song and Dance, Street/Hip Hop and National, we cater for all dance schools around the world.


John Grimshaw


John originally studied Music and Drama in London where he specialised as a soloist in the Baroque Trumpet and Organ recitals. It was whilst he attended this college and its association with the then Ballet Rambert his interest in dance began.

In 1995 after a successful period in the world of finance in Hong Kong, John returned to Jersey to continue working in the finance industry and he began supporting the local dance competitions and dance events held in the Island.

In 2004, whilst visiting Munich he watched the Dance World Cup competition and he was introduced to Korinna Sohn and it was through his continued discussions with Korinna that they formed a partnership for DWC limited and the future events from 2009.

Dance World Cup 2011 was the first competition held under this new company structure and it was successfully staged at the Disneyland Paris Newport Bay Convention Centre.

Korinna Sohn


Korinna originates from Germany and she currently is principal of her own school in Munich where her students study the RAD and Vaganova methods.

In 1972 she visited London, England and attended the All England Dance Competition for the first time later entering her students achieving success in this competition.

In 1983 Korinna established a dance competition in Germany (now known as the German National Competition and the official German qualifier for the Dance World Cup finals). It was the creation of this annual event which led to the evolving of the first ever Dance World Cup competition which was held in Greece in 2001.

Korinna has managed to introduce children from all over the world to participate in the Dance World Cup competitions over the years.