Dance World Cup is delighted to be partnering up with Shockout this year.

They are kindly offering 1 x 3-year degree course with all tuition paid for.


Shockout takes immense pride in being a beacon of quality training in Manchester, offering a comprehensive array of courses meticulously designed to empower aspiring artists. Their intensive programs are crafted to guide individuals through a transformative journey, enabling them to discover and nurture their unique creative talents.

Their vision is to create passionate, determined and dedicated young artists with a holistic skill set, to allow them to achieve their career aspirations.


Shockout is proud to announce the Elliott Campion Scholarship, tailored for aspiring young artists seeking to pursue their passion for the creative arts.


Within our state-of-the-art facility, recipients will have the unique opportunity to receive mentorship and guidance from esteemed industry professionals. Our programmes are meticulously designed to cultivate talent and foster artistic excellence, combining technical training with opportunities for creative exploration.


The scholarship we are offering include:

BA (Hons) in Professional Commercial Dance or BA (Hons) in Musical Theatre


This scholarship is  designed for individuals aged 18 and above who aspire to a career in this dynamic field.


The winning dancer will be picked from an audition that will take place on Wednesday 03 July at 11:00 am in the North Hall masterclass room. The class will be commercial.


For a chance to be seen by the Shockout team you must attend the audition on Wednesday.


Please click on the link below to register for the Audition.




Registration is open until one day before the class is scheduled.

We wish all participants the best of luck!