DWC is pleased to announce the schedule for the DWC World Finals 2024 in Prague, Czech Republic.

The detailed schedule with competitor information will be available for dance schools on their entry system from 25 May and will be made available to the public on the DWC App from 18 June.
Timings are approximate. For the most up-to-date information during the event, please refer to the Live Schedule on the DWC webapp.

Dancers are required to check in 1 hour before their class start time, and be ready to perform a minimum of 30 minutes before their class start time. We also advise audience members to be in the theatres well in advance of the class start time in case the program runs ahead of schedule.

DWC will not enter into discussions regarding changes to the schedule or further information regarding the order of dancers within classes.  If you are scheduled to perform on two stages at around the same time, we will structure the order of the class to give you enough time between your performances. 

Click here to download the Class Schedule

Click here to download the Full Schedule of all stages

Click here to download Stage 1 Congress Schedule

Click here to download Stage 2 Forum Schedule

Click here to download Stage 3 South Schedule

All stages are located in the PRAGUE CONGRESS CENTRE.

Important Events:

Friday 28 June – Opening Ceremony in Prague City – 16:30 assemble / 17:30 start of parade

Tuesday 02 July – Mini and Children Galas on Stage 1 Congress / 1st Gala 15:00 / 2nd Gala 19:00

Saturday 06 July – Junior and Senior Galas on Stage 1 Congress / 1st Gala 16:00 / 2nd Gala 20:00

Special Events:

Kotan & Awaji World Ballet Performance - Stage 1 Congress on Thursday 27 June at 20:30

Street Battles 1vs1 and other special competitions - dates, times and place to be confirmed

More information regarding the above special events will be released in the coming days.