Entry Process for the DWC 2024 World Finals

Essential Details

Country Allocation: Each country by default will receive 4 places for solos, duets/trios and  quartets, and 5 places for groups, per class/section.

Additional Allocation: Additional places may be given. These will appear as 'REQUEST ENTRY' on the system and will be confirmed after the closing date for your country.


To Register for the Finals

Sign In: Head over to your teacher portal, and join the 'DWC 2024 Finals' competition.

Qualified Entries List: Under the entries process, click on “Qualified List” to see all your qualified entries.

Confirmed Entries: For all your entries that have received an automatic place for the finals, click 'ENTER' to confirm their participation in the Finals.

Waiting List: For other entries that scored 70% or more, click 'REQUEST ENTRY' to be placed on the waiting list and these will be considered for a place should one become available after the closing date.


Confirmation Process

• By selecting 'ENTER', the place in the finals is secured for the top-placing entries.

• Choose 'REQUEST ENTRY'? The entry will be on the waiting list. If the top-place winners decide not to attend, we will offer their place to the next eligible participants. You will know after the closing date for your country if the entry has been approved or declined for the finals.


Solo Entry Process for the DWC 2024 World Finals

Dancers are permitted to "ENTER" up to 3 solos for the finals. The first 3 solos selected for entry with a confirmed top 4 place will receive immediate approval. Any additional solos will remain pending.


There is a possibility of accommodating up to 2 additional solos (maximum 5 in total), subject to available space after the closing date. These extra solos must be requested for entry on the system and will be placed on a waiting list. Among the solos entered on the waiting list, the 2 highest-scoring solos (in case there are more than 2 pending) or those that are otherwise prioritised, will be approved if space permits. It is important to note again that all additional solos must be entered for consideration.


Closing Dates

Don’t forget to complete your registration by your countries closing date. We can’t accept late entries, so mark your calendar!

Keep in mind that starting from the time your country qualifier ends, you have three weeks to submit all your entries before entries for your country closes.


Payment Date

Payment of your account for the finals should reach us no later than two weeks after entries have closed for your country to avoid entries being removed for the finals.


Don't Delay - Missing the registration or entry and payment deadline means missing out on the finals. Ensure you are on time.


We’re here to assist you every step of the way. Please contact us with any queries regarding the registration process at dance@dwcworld.com