These are your scholarship offerings for the DWC 2024 Finals!


DWC is delighted to collaborate with the most exceptional leading dance colleges and companies to offer our talented dancers exciting opportunities, including scholarships for Degree courses, Summer Schools, and Weekend programs. 


All competitors in the relevant classes listed for each scholarship are eligible to apply for these prestigious courses and auditions. 


Class Scholarship Link to Apply
Audition The Brighton Academy Apply Here
Audition Shockout Apply Here
JSA Showtime Circus - England Apply Here
JSB (B) Mzansi Ballet - South Africa Apply Here
JSBR Awaji World Ballet - Japan Apply Here
JSBR National Ballet Academy New York - USA Apply Here
JSBRm, JSBm International Ballet Masterclasses - Czech Republic Apply Here
JSE2, JSEm The Rambert School - England Apply Here
JSE2, KSE2 CDMA Apply Here
JSE2, SnSE Institute of Arts Barcelona - Spain Apply Here
JSL2 London Studio Centre Apply Here
JSV Italia Conti - England Apply Here
JSV, SnSV International Theatre & Dance Summer Intensive - Iceland Apply Here
KSBm JSBm JSB, SnSB TT Stage - Italy Apply Here
KSE1, JSE1 Stage One - Italy Apply Here
KSPBR EI Arts - Japan Apply Here
KSPBR, KSPB, JSB, JSZ1, JSC, JSW1, KSZ2, KSW2 Can You Dance? - England Apply Here
MiniSB, KSBR, KSPBR, KSBRm Youth America Grand Prix Apply Here
SnSB, SnSBR Royal Academy of Dance - England Apply Here
SnSH MXM Art Centre - Portugal Apply Here
SnSV Millenium Performing Arts - England Apply Here