The 2017 Dance World Cup opening Ceremony will be held at the evening of 23 June 2017 starting from 18:15, Market Place of Offenburg (Marketplatz).





At the South side of the market place there is a public parking garage. However, if you arrive by coach we suggest that after dropping the dancers the coach drives back to Messe Offenburg because there is no coach parking at the market place.
On the side of the market place at Hauptstraße there are public toilets.
There are several restaurants at the market place and nearby.


Opening Ceremony

The parade of the dancers will start at the market place and will also finish there which will make it easier for the parents to find their children again at the end.
It would be nice if all dancers could wear their country track suits or at least T-Shirts or something that shows that they come from this specific country. Please, no private school clothes of certain dance schools. We want country teams.
Please, select one dancer as flag bearer and bring your own big flag. The flag bearer should be accompanied by two mascots if possible in national costumes of your country.



Schedule of the Opening Ceremony :


17:45 - rehearsal of "Rhythm in my Feet"

For all who would like to join in there will be a rehearsal of the dance "Rhythm in my Feet". You can find the dance here :

If you want the dance without the cut :

You will first see it with a group of children, and afterwards you will see it again, however, without music, slightly slower, and from the back side. This will perhaps make it easier for you to teach it to the children.

We kindly ask you to pass this information on to all dance schools of your country so that really all participating children will know the choreography when coming to Offenburg. At the Opening Ceremony we suggest that the children wear any kinds of comfortable shoes but not ballet slippers since the dance will be performed on the pavement.


18:15 - Getting in place for the parade

The dancers will have to get into their places in alphabetic order of the countries. Please, make sure that all your dancers will have arrived at this time by the latest.


18:30 - Parade starts

The parade will walk through the streets of Offenburg accompanied by a music band. Parents and friends may watch the parade or may stay at the market place. After about 30 - 40 minutes the parade will come back to the market place.
The dancers will walk on their places on the square, flag bearers and mascots will walk on stage to welcome the officials and the judges.
After this all dancers together will perform "Rhythm in my Feet", facing the audience.
After this all dancers will receive small cushions to sit on. They may keep them as souvenirs. They will turn round and watch the show on stage.

We estimate that the opening ceremony will end at about 20:00. There will be a short break during which the music band will play.


20:30 - Dance Impact

Dancers who need to prepare for Dance Impact may leave the market place after the dance "Rhythm in my Feet" in order to meet and get ready for their show. In one of the houses at the market place there will be a room where these dancers may get ready