We would be delighted to welcome you or your dancers to the Dance World Cup 2024 World Finals in Prague, Czech Republic.

All dancers must qualify to take part at the DWC Finals.

If we don’t currently have a live qualifier event in your country yet, we are pleased to inform you that you have the opportunity to qualify via video entry for the 2024 DWC World Finals.

Below, you'll find the details on submitting your solo/duet/trio and group video qualifier entries before entering for the 2024 DWC World Finals.


Where to submit your videos:

Videos can be submitted/uploaded onto the DWC finals online entry system through your registered dance account. 

Visit https://dwcentries.com/login and then enter your login details in the space provided.

If you haven’t registered your dance school and dancers yet, you can do so by following the steps on the REGISTER NEW ACCOUNT blue button.

Once you have logged into the DWC Entry System, to join the finals click on the Competitions menu item, select the Change/Join Competition option, and choose the 2024 Video Qualifier as an option to open.

Once all dancers and entry names have been entered on your dance account, in place of uploading your music, you will upload the video for each entry.


The following requirements are very important to keep in mind when filming your video submissions before uploading:

  • You may record a new video of your routines or use a video from another event or competition.
  • Videos must be in MPEG-4 (MP4) format and no larger than 300MB, with a minimum 720p resolution.
  • Videos must be in landscape (horizontal) format.
  • The full body view of the dancer from beginning to end of filming must be seen, dancer’s feet must be always visible.
  • Ensure that all dancers in a duet/trio, quartet or group are always visible.
  • For solo and duet/trio routines, zoom in enough so that the dancers are clearly seen, but keeping the full body view of the dancers visible the entire performance.  
  • For best results, the recording should be done in a well-lit area so that the dancer’s facial expression, feet, hands, and all movements can be clearly seen.
  • The use of a tripod is strongly recommended to ensure a stable image.
  • Filming in front of an open window during daylight must be avoided so there are no shades on the dancers. Lights shining from the back of the dancers to be avoided.
  • Teachers or any voices should not be heard during the recording, and no one should be visible in the video except the dancer who is performing.
  • Ensure the sound/music is close enough to the camera so that it is clear. Adding of the music to the recording afterwards is allowed.
  • Dancer to wear costume or adequate dance wear with light stage makeup.
  • Videos over the time limit will only be judged up to the point where the time limit is reached. Music over the time limit will not be accepted for entries for the finals, even if the video submitted for the video qualifier was over the time limit.
  • Please adhere to the time limits allowed for each dance as per the DWC rules 2024 that can be found on our website at https://dwcworld.com/rules


After uploading your videos, the video entry fees for your account will automatically be calculated as follow:

Solo:               15 euros per dancer

Duet/Trio:        6 euros per dancer

Group:             3 euros per dancer

Membership:  12 euros per dancer


Dates of submission: 

Videos entries will stay open until 1 March 2024.

Results will be made available on your account once the judging process for all country video entries are concluded, following the submission deadline.


Once your video entries have qualified you will be able to enter them for the DWC 2024 Finals.

Entry fees and rules for the finals can be found at: https://dwcworld.com/fees_2024


Regarding the Finals schedule:

The comprehensive schedule will be posted TWO WEEKS after the closing date of 01 May 2024 for all countries.