Accommodation and Travel Arrangements

Braga, Portugal - DWC 2023 World Finals

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Moliné Travel wants to thank all the groups and families who put their trust in our hands to organise their trip, hotel, transportation and/or restaurants during the previous DWC Finals. We really appreciate your collaboration and hope to see you and keep on growing our DWC family all together in Braga!

The Moliné Travel offices are working for you and we are all at your disposal to answer any requests, questions or doubts. Do not hesitate on contacting us as many times as you need.

You can contact us via email at or call us on the +34 931 649 594 / + 34 640 505 524.

We are really looking forward to meet you all and share as much good moments as we shared in Spain!

Braga, Portugal we are coming to dance with you!