Competing by video in the DWC 2020 / 2021 Finals

Dancers and dance schools that have qualified and received a place for the 2020 or 2021 DWC finals but are unable to attend the finals in Telford, England during August 2021, due to travel restrictions, are welcome to enter the finals by video entry. DWC Judges will adjudicate the live performances together with the video performances for each class during the finals. The entire competition and award ceremonies will be live streamed on the dedicated DWC channels.

Finals Video entry fees for 2020 and 2021

Solo: €50 per entry
Duet/Trio: €20 per dancer
Group: €15 per dancer

No Event Fees will be charged for dancers entering by video for the finals. 

  • Dancers entering by video will have to pay to view the live streaming of the DWC finals. Live stream fees TBC.
  • Membership Fees : €10 per dancer for the 2020 finals -  €12 per dancer for the 2021 finals.

If the dancer is attending both 2020 and 2021 finals, then the membership fee for the 2021 finals will be reduced to €10. 

Finals Video Submission Dates:

For 2020 and 2021 competitions - 5 July 2021


Please note that the above dates are NOT closing dates for entries in the DWC finals system.  These dates are for video submission only once you have registered your entries on the system. 

If you are unsure of the closing dates of entries for your country, then please enquire with your qualifier organiser who will be able to assit you.

Videos must be submitted/uploaded to the DWC finals online system by these dates for checking by the DWC team. Videos that are not recorded according to the guidelines set out by DWC, will be notified of the faults and will have to re-submit the video within 7 days.

Where to submit your videos

Videos can be  submitted/uploaded onto the DWC finals online entry system through your dance account.  In replace of uploading your music, you will upload the video for the entry. Videos must be in MP4 format and not larger than 300MB. Detailed instructions will also be  available on the DWC finals entry system for video uploads. 

Video recording requirements for finals

  • No dance titles, dancers’ names, school name or any text should be visible or added to the video. 
  • No video recordings from any other competition may be used if the name or branding of the competition is visible, except videos from an official DWC qualifier may be used.
  • Videos must be filmed continuously, without stopping, editing or cutting. Edited videos or videos with any special effects will not be accepted. 
  • Videos must be recorded in a studio, hall or in a theatre.
  • The background shall be as neutral as possible, without any logos, name of the school, posters, banners, etc. Except where recorded at an official DWC qualifier. 
  • Videos must be filmed in landscape (horizontal).
  • The video must be filmed from the front, preferably with a camera on a tripod that can follow the dancer’s movements (panning left or right).
  • The camera may zoom in and out to have the dancers in full shot. Having a closer full frame shot of the dancers while not cutting them off is preferred compared to a wide angle shot with the dancers far away and difficult to see. No special effects are allowed.
  • The full body view of the dancer from beginning to end of filming must be seen, dancer’s feet must be visible at all times. Ensure that all dancers in a duet/trio, quartet or group are always visible. 
  • Recording should be done in a well-lit area so that the dancer’s facial expression, feet, hands and all movements can be clearly seen.
  • White light is preffered and the best for judges to see the dancers clearly. No moving lights or lights changing colour with effects may be used.
  • The use of a tripod is strongly recommended to ensure a stable image.
  • Filming in front of an open window during daylight must be avoided so there are no shades on the dancers. Lights shining from the back of the dancers to be avoided. 
  • Teachers or any voices should not be heard during the recording, and no one should be visible in the video except the dancer who is performing. 
  • Dancer to wear costume or adequate dance wear with light stage makeup. 
  • Ensure the sound/music is close enough to the camera so that it is clear. Adding of the music to the recording afterwards is allowed and preferred.
  • Videos must be in MPEG-4 (MP4) format and no larger than 500MB. Video resolution of 1080p is recommended, minimum is 720p.
  • No intro or outros should be added to the video.
  • Please adhere to the time limits allowed for each dance as per the DWC rules 2021. Videos over the time limit will not be accepted.