DWC 2020/2021 Finals - Questions and Answers - Updated 8 June 2021


Q.  What is the last date we can elect to change from video to live or vica verse.

A.  1st august 2021


Q.  When do you hope the detailed schedule will be released for the 2020 competition.

A.   We are aiming for the 2nd week in June.


Q.    When will the detailed 2021 schedule be available.

A.     We are waiting for final qualifiers to be completed. We hope 2nd or 3rd week in July.


Q.    For the 2020 and 2021 competition, will it be minis and children first followed by juniors and seniors?

A.     No. We will be running all four age categories together for these competitions so you need to be available for the duration of the competition. The 2020 competition will still run first, followed by the 2021 competition.


Q.      What covid procedures will you have in place in Telford.

A.       DWC and the TIC in Telford are working with the local authority to ensure the event is COVID safe in line with government guidelines. As government guidance changes on a regular basis, plans are being amended accordingly. Guidance will be available to everyone attending approximately 14 days before the competition date.


Q.       Will there be limited seating for the audience at Telford.

A.        Currently Telford have confirmed we can have a full audience but this depends on the UK Government confirming that social distancing is no longer required. This is due to come into force on 21st June 2021.


Q.       Do the dancers need to be vaccinated to enter the UK and dance at the competition.

A.        You need to check with the gov.uk website for specific advice from your country on what is required for entry to Britain from your country. This is your responsibility and not ours. There is no vaccination required to enter Dance World Cup and the venue.


Q.       Will you supply official letters confirming our participation in the competition for dancers, parents and teachers.

A.        Yes


Q.       What happens if the life event in Telford is cancelled.

A.        The competition will become a video competition and refunds for event fee and difference in price will be credited with refunds after the event.  Hotel and travel costs are your responsibility so please make sure your hotel and air travel  bookings are refundable or credit notes.


Q.      Will medical facilities be available on site for illness and injury

A.       Yes. You however must ensure you have the correct medical insurance cover.