March 10th 2020

Please find below answers to some of the questions we are being asked regarding the 2020 World Finals in Rome.

With press hysteria and a real desire to protect our children, we do believe that at this moment of time, the most prudent course of action is to continue, especially as the venue confirms it will be open in June. We know it is a hard decision you have to make but we have done everything in our powers to ensure a great competition with dancers from around the world. As the situation develops, there may be updates or changes to our current position, obviously, we will inform you immediately if our stance changes.   

We are sure you will all appreciate that this is a developing situation.

Q.    Is postponement a possibility for the event?

A.    No, the event is either running as normal or cancelled entirely. The venue has many events within the year and there is not a 10 day period available that we could transfer to.

Q.    Please confirm the criteria for a refund package to be instigated by DWC.

A.     There are only 4 scenarios where our refund package for dance fees would be initiated:

  • - Cinecitta  World has had to close during the days of the competition in June 2020.
  • - The Italian government has closed its borders or forbid large scale events to take place within Italy from June 2020.
  • - The Italian government have banned citizens from countries who are currently experiencing a bout of virus to visit Italy during June/July 2020.
  • - The government of a country that is attending the finals,  bans their citizens from travelling to Rome during June/July 2020.


Q.        Why have you put in a registration policy?

A.         It is obviously vital for us to have a clear indication of those that still want the event to take place this year.  Getting a clear indication of the numbers that wish to attend assists DWC in scheduling the event and gives us information for the Italian authorities,  which will assist us in getting correct assurances from them.


Q.      Why have you limited the event to 5000 competitors?

A.       We hope this is a temporary measure but as countries are currently cancelling events of over 1000 participants, we felt it was prudent to limit competitors to 5000 at this time. See more detailed answers below.


Q.       Is this policy just so DWC can raise cash?

A.       No!  We have given all the dance schools until 30th April to pay or withdraw their entries at no cost. You will need to decide by this date if you wish to attend or not. Please note: if numbers are down this year, we may be able to allow schools to have additional dances in all categories, ie solo, duet/trio or group.


Q.     Our qualifier is not until late March or April. Will there be spaces left for our registration?

A.      Yes. We have provisionally blocked spaces based on numbers attending for last years finals in Portugal for these countries.  HOWEVER,  these entries must be received no later than 30 April with payment received by 2 May.


Q.   Currently the qualifiers for Hong Kong , America, Austria and Spain remain on. What happens if they are postponed?

A. If the events in Hong Kong , America and Austria and Spain are cancelled due to the Virus situation, each country can enter by video entry with a closing date of 5th April. The dancers do not have to be in full costume and videos will only be required if your qualifier is postponed. Please advise head office if your country has cancelled your qualifier and you would like to enter by video entry.


Q.        Will we have a confirmed space if we enter by video?

A.         Yes, all videos accepted by our judges get confirmed places. You must however send in your videos by 5 April and register your entries for the finals by 30 April with payment received by 2 May.


Q.           When is the deadline for video entry?

A.            The deadline for video entries from countries that can no longer hold a qualifier is 5 April 2020.  The results of the video entries will be emailed to the Country qualifier organiser approx. 7 days after this date,  who will contact the dance schools with the qualifying entries. All qualified videos will be guaranteed a place at the finals.


Q.   What about travel and hotel insurance in case of cancellation by the authorities?

A.    This has and always will be the responsibility of the individual dance school and remains your responsibility in entirety with insurance and hotel packages. 


Q.       If we have already registered, can we withdraw?

A.        Our policy clearly states no refunds. However, this situation is unprecedented,  so we would look at this on a case by case basis. Deadline for requests to withdraw would be needed by 2nd April so the additional spaces created can be filled. After this date you cannot cancel unless the cancelation criteria in the first Q and A are met.


Q.       Would you consider allowing the schools attending to have additional entries?

A.         Yes. If your country does not have three entries in any particular class, we will via the country organisers invite schools that have already qualified,  to fill spots made available for duet/ trio, small group and large group at our published fees.


Q.       As the event may have less participants this year, would you consider allowing the individual dancers to have more than 2 solos?

A.        This is why we need the registration process to gauge exactly how many people still want to attend our finals. The answer is yes IF THEY HAVE qualified for a solo in the country qualifier or video entry.


Q.         Do you have any details of the refund policy you will instigate if you are forced to cancel the event?

A.           No . This depends on numbers but it would be by cash refund or credit note for future events. It really depends on numbers as the majority of the revenue generated by dance fees goes to the hire of the venue which is paid in advance.


-- End of Q&A --