Please find below the 2020 and 2021 competition "live" schedules for performances on stage in Telford. Please note some of the classes have been moved from the original schedule we recently released.

DWC 2020 Live Performance Schedule - updated 19 July 2021

DWC 2021 Live Performance Schedule - updated on 20 July 2021


Tickets for the live event will go on sale the last week of July. Due to the uncertainty of the UK Government policy over theatre numbers, we have decided to only release 500 seats per dance session.  These seats are non-refundable.


The dancers with a membership card will have their own segregated area to watch the sessions.  Teachers who are in procession of a teacher's wristband will also have a designated seating area.


DWC will hopefully be able to release more tickets per session in August should the covid situation in the UK improve, but this cannot be guaranteed.


Galas tickets for 2020 and 2021 will be sold online. More information on this will be available shortly.