Dance World Cup is a non-political organisation, but the reports from Israel, who have been attacked by a recognised terrorist organisation need to be addressed and commented on.

Unfortunately, we must report that our dance friends in Israel have suffered multiple atrocities with destroyed studios and infrastructure of theatres and venues.  I am also very sorry to have to report from information supplied by our dance friends in Israel, that some of our past and present dancers have lost their lives or have been kidnapped during this terrorist act.  It is distressing to hear this news, but we feel (with the consent of our Israeli organisers) that we must share this with you so that your thoughts can be with part of our dance family that have suffered such a dreadful attack akin to Americas 9/11 terrorist attack.

Never more has the world needed to come together as a family. “Friendship through the language of dance” remains our motto and aim. Please can we all take a moment to think of all the innocent dancers, teachers, and their families, caught up in this dreadful act of terrorism and send our love to them, knowing that we are all thinking of them.

The world stands on a precipice with so many conflicts.

Let us share our love to all those innocent dancers in our DWC family caught up in all current world events. We send love and hope to you all.

John Grimshaw

DWC Chairman October 2023.